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The Road to Health is Paved with Squats and Burpees

About five months ago I angrily woke up at seven a.m. on a Saturday and headed to my first ever Crossfit class. My husband had been begging me to go with him for a few weeks. He had started a few months prior and was totally addicted to it. I did not want to go. Let's push aside the fact that it was early on a SATURDAY... and zoom in on the obvious...I had not been to the gym in over a year. I was out of shape, the heaviest I'd ever been, and completely insecure. Add to that a dash of hypothyroidism mixed with infertility and you've got, well, Me. Totally unhappy. And grouchy (not a morning person!).
I am not writing this to endorse Crossfit as the one and only solution to a better and happier life. But for me personally, it certainly has helped in countless ways. Not only have I engaged in an active and healthier lifestyle that is now a part of my every day routine, I have grown in so many other ways too. As with anything that is good and uplifting for me, I want to shar…

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